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The Ultimate Guide to CBD in the New Year (2 of 2)

Shopping for CBD products at gas stations, bodegas, and corner stores is usually not a wise idea. The internet has plenty of top-quality products from hundreds, probably thousands, of brands.

There are a few important things you should do: Check the product pages on the website you’re browsing for certificates of analysis (or CoAs), confirm that the testing was performed at a third-party lab, and make sure the last test is recent. Once you get the hang of CBD shopping, it’s a breeze. Until then, you’re more than welcome to check out our guide whenever you need.

Foria: Intimacy Botanical Vape Pen

Courtesy of Foria Wellness

We would be remiss if we didn’t show you the best CBD vape pen on the market, (in our opinion, of course.) Foria recently relaunched their Intimacy Botanical Vape Pen. The package comes with a one gram cartridge, gorgeous battery, and USB charger. 

Each cartridge contains 450mg of broad-spectrum CBD and terpenes, which come from USDA-organic hemp. Along with the usual benefits CBD provides, the botanical infusion with notes of peppermint, vanilla, and cacao can help keep you focused on the present moment, and in turn, enhance your sex life and elevate erotic enjoyment. $78

Humble Flower: Body Oil

Courtesy of Humble Flower 

Looking to pamper yourself? Humble Flower’s 500mg broad-spectrum Body Oil leaves your skin feeling moisturized, velvety, and comforted. Our skin is better at retaining moisture when it’s still damp, so for best results, apply a generous amount all over your body after showering. We massage extra sore areas a bit harder for much needed localized pain relief. With subtle scents of ylang ylang and lavender, a deep inhale after application provided us with relaxation, too. This is an essential product to keep near your bathtub. $80

Josie Maran: SKIN DOPE Argan Oil + 100mg CBD

Courtesy of Josie Maran 

Josie Maran’s vegan, cruelty-free SKIN DOPE Argan Oil + 100mg CBD is practically magical. You can use it in place of your go-to facial oil, in addition to full-body application. Argan oil is bursting with omega 3, 6, and 9 essentially fatty acids, which nourish the skin. The full-spectrum hemp extract soothes irritation, redness, and in some cases, body aches. Have the desire for smooth, hydrated, supple skin? Meet your new best friend. $78

Life Elements: CBD Day Face Serum

Courtesy of Life Elements 

Life Elements CBD Day Face Serum hydrates while evening skin tone, softening fine lines, and protecting the face, neck, and décolletage from free radicals. Formulated for all skin types, this luxurious, artisan skincare product is made with natural ingredients that are known for their pleasant botanical aromas and healing properties. Blended with tepezcohuite, prickly pear, and 250mg of organic broad-spectrum CBD, this light oil can be used daily to moisturize and promote overall skin wellness. Give your face a healthy boost so you can have a fresh glow when entering into the New Year. $68

Sweet Reason: Evening Blend

Courtesy of Sweet Reason 

Sweet Reason’s newest collection, Evening Blend, is one of the most potent CBD beverages on the market. With an all-natural powerful combo of soothing herbs, adaptogens, and 30mg of broad-spectrum CBD, this delicious, and beautifully packaged beverage will help take the edge off—we’re all in need of some R&R.

This is the perfect antidote to your nightly glass (or bottle) of wine, or for those times when you need a break from all the craziness 2020 brought upon us. This collection is available in three flavors: Citrus Spice, Plum Blush, and Peach Jasmine. (We are personally partial to the Plum Blush.) $44.99 per six-pack

Flora + Bast: 3-Day Rhythm Reset – CBN-Rich Hemp Transdermal Patch System

Courtesy of Flora + Bast

Flora + Bast created the Holy Grail for insomniacs and people who suffer from constant middle-of-the-night wake-ups—the 3-Day Rhythm Reset – CBN-Rich Hemp Transdermal Patch System. Each package comes with three transdermal patches that are designed for three-day consecutive use. With 33mg of full-spectrum CBD, 10mg of CBC, and 5mg of CBN, these have been an effective solution whenever we need to push the reset button on our sleep issues. The sleep-enhancing effects last several weeks for many people, including us, which we happen to love. $44 for 12 patches

KÖVO: Bio-Cellulose Under-Eye Patches

Courtesy of KÖVO

Ever experienced puffy under-eyes due to fatigue, stress, and anxiety? We have! KÖVO’s Bio-Cellulose Under-Eye Patches contain clean, vegan ingredients that can improve circulation, ease irritation, balance pH, all while repairing and hydrating. Thanks to probiotics, broad-spectrum hemp extract, witch hazel, aloe juice, and peptides, your eyes will feel refreshed after 15 to 20 minutes. These are excellent for days when you’re sick of walking around with tired-looking eyes. $12 per pack

Lumi: Microdose Sprays & Cloud Pens

Courtesy of Lumi 

Lumi took a new perspective on CBD products by inventing a “balanced-spectrum” of cannabinoids. By adding slightly higher levels of THC (within the legal limit,) CBG, and CBC, consumers can experience mild euphoria by microdosing. You can purchase one of the company’s unique Microdose Sprays or go big with a full bottle of Microdose Tincture. Each product comes with a QR code that leads to the CoA for that particular batch. $100 per tincture, $20 per spray

Bloom Farms: Dream Tincture 

Courtesy of Bloom Farms 

Good sleep should be a part of everyone’s wellness routine. When you use the Dream Tincture by Bloom Farms every evening, you’re sure to fall asleep faster, sleep deeper, and wake up feeling refreshed. Each bottle contains 1000mg of full-spectrum CBD and 200mg of CBN. We notice the onset of the relaxing, sedative effects roughly one hour after consumption. 

For people who prefer vapes, check out Bloom Farms’ Dream 5:1 (CBD to CBN) Mini Vapor Pen. These are top-quality products, we can’t recommend them enough. $95 for tincture, $45 for vape

Saint Jane: CBD Glow Kit 

Courtesy of Saint Jane Beauty

The limited-edition, vegan CBD Glow Kit comes with a mini Luxury Beauty Serum and a full-size Luxury Lip Shine in the shade ‘Tonic.’ Saint Jane already sold out of this new hit product, but you can place your order  at Sephora. The Lip Shine is composed of only eight ingredients, including 50mg of full-spectrum CBD to soothe cracked or chapped lips.

The Beauty Serum contains 20 botanicals, including 150mg of CBD, which will help your skin shine bright come the new year. In a clinical study, 100% of the participants said their dryness had improved, 99% saw a decrease in redness, and 99% experienced less irritation. $46

Sugar & Kush: CBD + CBG Body Butter 

Courtesy of Sugar & Kush

Sugar & Kush is known for CBD oils in scrumptious flavors like cotton candy and bubblegum. Now, the company launched a bath and body line. The Whipped Body Butter with CBD and CBG has the texture of churned butter, thick and decadent. When your skin is itchy and dry throughout the rest of the winter, this vegan body butter will calm your skin, providing necessary hydration and moisture. $70 — (For 20% off your order, use our writer’s special coupon code while checking out: VINTAGELOVE20)

Happy Shopping!

This is part two of a two part series. Part one can be found here.

Megan Lane is a columnist for The News Station. She writes about health and wellness, cannabis and entertainment, including musician and celebrity interviews. Her full bio is here.
Megan Lane is a columnist for The News Station. She writes about health and wellness, cannabis and entertainment, including musician and celebrity interviews. Her full bio is here.
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