• December 3, 2020

Terrapin for the People: We Plant Local Roots

 Terrapin for the People: We Plant Local Roots

Terrapin Care Station is committed to planting local roots. From our entrance into the cannabis industry in 2009, Terrapin Care Station has aimed for success, not only in business but in creating a socially-conscious movement to ensure our connection to the communities in which we operate. We believe that Terrapin Care Station has a duty to be a collaborative community member, and building relationships with local non-profits ensures that we can meet and exceed that obligation. Corporate social responsibility has been a bedrock of Terrapin Care Station in our effort to leave positive and significant impacts on our communities. The Five Pillars of our corporate social responsibility outreach are: 

  • Justice Initiatives;
  • Human Needs;
  • Political Advocacy/Education;
  • Arts & Culture; and
  • Veterans’ Services.


Terrapin Care Station acknowledges fully the harm created by the failed Drug War on communities, especially marginalized populations. Through our support of organizations like the Reentry Initiative and the Longmont Community Justice Partnership, we hope that we can help communities build a culture of acceptance and respect for all community members and ease the strain created by past injustices. 

Human Needs

 From addressing homelessness and food-insecurity in our communities to supporting new motherhood, Terrapin Care Station finds the unique issues in each region of operation and provides support where it is most needed. In addition to financial support of organizations, Terrapin Care Station participates and hosts events that give back to the community, including an annual Holiday Food Drive to support National Hunger and Homelessness Awareness Week and encouraging Terrapin employees to volunteer directly with local organizations. 

Additionally, climate survival is perhaps the greatest human need facing our world. Our efforts run the gamut, including using energy-efficient cultivation practices and eco-friendly packaging. In 2015, our work in sustainability led to a CannAward for Best Eco-Friendly Initiative.Terrapin Care Station was also a recipient of the Innovative Business of the Year Award in 2018, recognized by the Boulder Chamber of Commerce in large part due to our continuous and effective efforts in corporate social responsibility within the Boulder community. Most recently, we were runner-up for the 2019 Cannabis Doing Good, Good Neighbor Award for our commitment to serving and supporting communities. 

Political Advocacy/Education

Directing Political Advocacy and Education within our communities is a core part of our mission statement. As a cannabis company whose founding was only made possible by the will of Colorado voters, we want our community members to be as politically educated and active as possible. Through work with HeadCount’s Cannabis Voter Project, which includes a role on its Advisory Board, we educate voters about specific cannabis-centered political topics and engage the cannabis voter collective. Our collaboration with the Cannabis Voter Project led to the creation of a Colorado-based Terrapin Care Station effort to increase local political engagement called Weed Loves Voters. 

In addition to working directly to increase voter education and engagement, Terrapin Care Station is a member of Chambers of Commerce in each region we maintain operations. Currently, we are members of Chambers in the following chapters: Boulder, Longmont, Aurora, Denver, and South Metro Denver in Colorado, as well as in Clinton County, Pennsylvania and Hudson County, NJ. We are also one of the few cannabis companies in the nation to have been accredited by the Better Business Bureau.   

Arts and Culture

Arts and Culture strengthen our already vibrant communities, and Terrapin Care Station believes that contributions to the arts are essential to the creation of a joyful community. These contributions acknowledge and maintain the historical intersection between cannabis and the creative arts. Our work with the arts spans from donations to the fine arts, to partnerships with local music institutions, and sponsorships of live music events. In extending our outreach to the arts we hope to reinforce our wholehearted commitment to extending engagement to all corners of the community. 

Veterans’ Services 

We hope to serve veterans who have given so much for our country and to thank them for their service. We do this by advancing effective programs to help veterans transition comfortably back into the community.

Through supporting medical research, we endeavor to ease physical and mental suffering for health issues prevalent in veteran populations, including PTSD, chronic pain, and assistance with recovering from opioid abuse. In addition to research, Terrapin Care Station spearheaded the launch of a Pennsylvania, veteran-owned and operated, cannabis security firm, VetForce. In addition to VetForce, Terrapin Care Station made a commitment to prioritize veteran employment in Pennsylvania, and kept our promise by ensuring that 30 percent of our Pennsylvania employees are veterans. 

Terrapin for the People 

Our enduring success of integrating into our communities stems from an authentic and genuine care for each community Terrapin works within. The Five Pillars of our corporate social responsibility outreach ensure that we are prioritizing the issues that both our organization and the communities we serve currently believe require the most consideration. 

We are proud to shine a light on our corporate social responsibility efforts that have been a staple of how we do business since inception. Our achievements extend to all corners of the community, leading to many rewarding moments in our many years. 

We plan on continuing our commitment to corporate social responsibility and outreach, preparing for a long future of giving. Keep an eye out for updates, there’s lots of good work on the horizon! For more information, please click here.  

Penelope Komes

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