• November 26, 2020

Tags : teen use

Denver’s Teen Marijuana Education Campaign Seems To Be Working, Survey Finds

Despite claims from prohibitionist Fake News-generators, it appears that the worst fears around marijuana legalization and teen use have not proven true. That’s right. Marijuana legalization has not led to a spike in youth consumption. A year after Denver launched a marijuana-focused educational campaign targeting local youth, a new survey released Tuesday reports that the […]Read More

No, marijuana legalization has not resulted in a spike in teen use

Despite a common and popular talking point from cannabis opponents, legalization has not resulted in a spike in teen use. So, when they use that talking point, you can reply with confidence, “FAKE NEWS!” It’s pretty much the only talking point that opponents like Smart Approaches to Marijuana have consistently latched onto. Most recently, SAM […]Read More

Cannabis Opponents Falsely State that Teens Are Consuming More of It

Teens are consuming less marijuana since legalization, despite false claims by opponents who spread Fake News to the contrary.  The latest example comes in a Fox News piece during a panel discussion between Colorado State Rep. Jonathan Singer, D-Longmont, and opioid epidemic enabler Luke Niforatos, of Smart Approaches to Marijuana. Niforatos falsely claimed that more teens […]Read More

Cannabis Opponents Likely Upset Less Kids are Smoking Pot

Science makes debunking Fake News super easy. Whenever cannabis opponents say, “But what about the children!?” marijuana proponents get to say, “They’re fine. Because. Science.” The latest federal scientific survey of high school students nationally shows that in Colorado the state is slightly less than the national average for teen marijuana use. Colorado had long […]Read More

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