• November 26, 2020

Tags : recreational marijuana

Yelp Blocks Marijuana Businesses From Two Key Advertising Features

Yelp is no longer offering two key advertising features to marijuana-related businesses, the company confirmed to Marijuana Moment. Two cannabis businesses have shared an email from Yelp announcing the policy change. It states that the company had “unfortunate news” and that it will be removing both the “Business Highlights and Portfolio advertising options for cannabis-related […]Read More

Terrapin Staying on the Slow Road

When Chris Woods started Terrapin Care Station in Boulder 10 years ago, there were no states with legal recreational markets and only a few with medical dispensaries. Today, legal states have declared pot shops “essential businesses” during the coronavirus pandemic. “My lawyer said, ‘I’m so proud of you, Chris. Just a few years ago, you […]Read More

Federal Reserve Bank Examines Marijuana Industry’s Growth

The Federal Reserve Bank Of Kansas City recently issued a report looking at Colorado’s marijuana market, ultimately concluding that the cannabis industry is primed to continue to grow as public support for legalization increases, although perhaps not quite at the rate seen in the early years of the policy change’s implementation. The central bank district […]Read More

People Are Skipping Sleep Aids In Favor of Marijuana, Study Reports

The scientific community is still unclear on whether or not marijuana can actually help treat sleep disturbances such as insomnia. A new study, however, found that fewer people purchase over-the-counter (OTC) sleep medications when they have legal access to cannabis. “Our results show that the market share growth for sleep aids shrank with the entry […]Read More

Even conservative regions considering legalization

Conservative Colorado Springs may reconsider its ban on recreational cannabis as cash flows to the city’s neighbors. The Los Angeles Times takes a look at shifting perspectives in one of the most conservative parts of Colorado. Polling suggests that Colorado Springs voters would support allowing retail marijuana businesses. Could a proposed retail cannabis initiative in […]Read More

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