• November 26, 2020

Tags : politics

Senate Marijuana Hearing Highlights How Schedule I Status Blocks Research

A major focus of a U.S. Senate Caucus on International Narcotics Control hearing on the health impacts of marijuana turned out to be how cannabis’s current Schedule I federal classification makes it harder for researchers to shed light on those effects. The Wednesday event—titled “Marijuana and America’s Health: Questions and Issues for Policy Makers”—featured testimony from […]Read More

Across the Nation, Politicians Embrace Cannabis Reform

The new year begins with politicians from both sides of the aisle pushing diverse pieces of cannabis reform. The moves from both the left and the right underscore recent victories in last November’s election, during which cannabis reform policy took significant steps forward. Candidates such as Colorado Democrat Jared Polis — who campaigned on legalization […]Read More

Republican Cory Gardner Calls for Marijuana Reform In Fiery Senate Floor Speech

An impassioned Republican U.S. Sen. Cory Gardner championed marijuana legalization on Tuesday, despite the Senate blocking his effort to attach far-reaching marijuana reforms to bipartisan criminal justice legislation.  Cory Gardner, a Coloradan who is also chairman of the National Republican Senatorial Committee, or NRSC, sought unanimous consent of the body to amend the prison and sentencing reform […]Read More

Attention, Candidates: Marijuana Will Win You the Election

A recent CNN analysis of marijuana and politics found, “There’s always been a sense that this is good with young voters, but I think it’s good with all voters… This cuts across a lot of lines.” That analysis, which ran on-air Wednesday during “Inside Politics with John King,” came after Colorado and four other states […]Read More

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