• December 1, 2020

Tags : legalization

Study: Marijuana Workplace Impairment Metrics Likely Flawed

New research has found bias and bad methodology behind many studies that allegedly prove cannabis workplace impairment can be dangerous. Workplace drug testing has come under fire in the last few years as more states legalize cannabis. Blood tests, which claim to help employers find the best people, have instead become a way to eliminate […]Read More

Minority Marijuana Business Group Defends Bernie Sanders’s Comments On Legalization And Race

The country’s first diversity-focused marijuana trade association came to Sen. Bernie Sanders’s (I-VT) aid on Thursday, issuing a statement “to affirm our support and appreciation” for the 2020 presidential candidate’s recent comments on minority involvement in the legal cannabis industry. During a Democratic primary debate on Tuesday, Sanders pledged not only to end federal marijuana prohibition and […]Read More

Mayor Pete Declines To Hit Imaginary Marijuana Joint

Former South Bend, Indiana Mayor Pete Buttigieg passed on a hit of an imaginary marijuana joint in a press appearance this week, politely handing it to the next person in the rotation. During a live-streamed interview on Wednesday with Denver-based Jeff Fard, or Brother Jeff, the host welcomed the 2020 Democratic presidential candidate to the Mile High […]Read More

Michael Bloomberg Backs Decriminalization As Marijuana Views Evolve Amid Presidential Run

The Democratic presidential candidate that’s arguably been the most hostile to marijuana law reform now supports decriminalizing cannabis possession. Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg (D), who launched a late bid for the Democratic nomination last month, has faced criticism over dismissive remarks he’s made about marijuana legalization—calling it “perhaps the stupidest thing anybody has ever […]Read More

It is time for cannabis opponents to drop dangerous opioid rhetoric

For weeks now, The News Station has been alerting its audience to a concern we have with cannabis opponents claiming that legalization has fueled the opioid epidemic. It’s rhetoric that we find to go beyond “reefer madness” and lead people towards life-threatening drugs. Recent studies leave little doubt that marijuana legalization could help offset the […]Read More

Backfire? Jeff Sessions’ marijuana memo could bring legalization

An unsurprising move by U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions to rescind an Obama-era memo on marijuana may have provided the impetus needed to achieve federal legalization. Many cannabis businesses and stakeholders felt reassured by the outpouring of support from elected officials across the country, including prominent Republicans in Congress. For most cannabis companies – such […]Read More

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