• November 26, 2020

Tags : Jared Polis

Colorado Marijuana And Beer Companies Will Partner To Boost Energy Efficiency, Governor Announces

The governor of Colorado announced on Wednesday that the state is rolling out two pilot programs aimed at increasing energy efficiency in the marijuana and beer industries. The programs, which are being launched in partnership with the Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE) and the Colorado Energy Office, are designed to promote sustainability in […]Read More

Anti-marijuana group SAM nears its last breath

Anti-cannabis legalization group Smart Approaches to Marijuana nears its last breath in its most underwhelming assault on the cannabis industry yet.  In a recent report aimed at ginning up anti-cannabis media stories, SAM states that the cannabis industry has donated a whopping $58,203 to Colorado’s six members of Congress. That’s right. A stunning $58,203 to […]Read More

Some Walker Stapleton Supporters Don’t Want You to Tip

We’ve seen several new lows in politics this year. Exploiting a candidate’s family’s personal struggle with heroin, falsely attacking a gubernatorial candidate for pushing a woman, and now, rounding up sore losers to punish democracy. Some supporters of trailing Republican gubernatorial candidate Walker Stapleton don’t want you to tip if Democrat Jared Polis wins the […]Read More

Attention, Candidates: Marijuana Will Win You the Election

A recent CNN analysis of marijuana and politics found, “There’s always been a sense that this is good with young voters, but I think it’s good with all voters… This cuts across a lot of lines.” That analysis, which ran on-air Wednesday during “Inside Politics with John King,” came after Colorado and four other states […]Read More

Hemp might finally become legal

ROB HOFFMAN MAR 19, 2018 Source: https://herb.co/marijuana/news/industrial-hemp-house-legalization Believe it or not, hemp is still federally illegal because it comes from the cannabis plant. But it looks like that might finally change. A bill which would allow for the cultivation of hemp is gaining traction in the House of Representatives, with a total of 43 cosponsors. It […]Read More

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