• November 29, 2020

Tags : essential business

Dear, Cannabis Voter — You Still Have the Power

In states where it’s legal — including Colorado, Michigan and Pennsylvania — medical and retail cannabis stores are being considered “essential businesses” and allowed to stay open. When you consider that cannabis just a decade ago was overall completely illegal, that’s some serious progress. That progress is because of the Cannabis Voter. A majority of […]Read More

Marijuana Legalization — From Grassroots to Essential

In a time of worldwide uncertainty such as the COVID-19 pandemic, relaxation and relief can be difficult to come by. Many people have fallen ill, lost considerable income, or are concerned about the future. For cannabis consumers, the urge to achieve a sense of internal balance precedes the rolling of a joint, puffing of a […]Read More

Americans Want Medical Marijuana Dispensaries To Stay Open As ‘Essential Services,’ Poll Finds

A majority of Americans believe that medical cannabis dispensaries should be kept open as “essential services” amid the coronavirus pandemic, according to a new poll. The survey asked simply: “Do you believe medical marijuana dispensaries should or should not be considered essential services?” Fifty-three percent said the cannabis providers should be regarded as essential, 26 […]Read More

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