• March 1, 2021

Tags : Colorado politics

Sen. Cory Gardner’s Interesting Marijuana Predicament

Republican U.S. Sen. Cory Gardner is in an interesting predicament. There are those in the cannabis industry who say he should be given a chance this November to finish what he started around cannabis banking reform. Others say he hasn’t done anything so far for the industry, and therefore ask why he should be re-elected. […]Read More

Denver’s Teen Marijuana Education Campaign Seems To Be Working, Survey Finds

Despite claims from prohibitionist Fake News-generators, it appears that the worst fears around marijuana legalization and teen use have not proven true. That’s right. Marijuana legalization has not led to a spike in youth consumption. A year after Denver launched a marijuana-focused educational campaign targeting local youth, a new survey released Tuesday reports that the […]Read More

Anti-marijuana group SAM nears its last breath

Anti-cannabis legalization group Smart Approaches to Marijuana nears its last breath in its most underwhelming assault on the cannabis industry yet.  In a recent report aimed at ginning up anti-cannabis media stories, SAM states that the cannabis industry has donated a whopping $58,203 to Colorado’s six members of Congress. That’s right. A stunning $58,203 to […]Read More

Republican Cory Gardner Calls for Marijuana Reform In Fiery Senate Floor Speech

An impassioned Republican U.S. Sen. Cory Gardner championed marijuana legalization on Tuesday, despite the Senate blocking his effort to attach far-reaching marijuana reforms to bipartisan criminal justice legislation.  Cory Gardner, a Coloradan who is also chairman of the National Republican Senatorial Committee, or NRSC, sought unanimous consent of the body to amend the prison and sentencing reform […]Read More

Colorado prepares for a year of change in marijuana industry

The Denver Post recently reported on big changes in store for the marijuana industry in Colorado. A new Democratic-controlled legislature and a governor that has been more supportive of cannabis reform opens new possibilities. Gov.-elect Jared Polis, a Democrat, has vowed to sign into law many of the cannabis bills that saw misguided vetoes by […]Read More

Some Walker Stapleton Supporters Don’t Want You to Tip

We’ve seen several new lows in politics this year. Exploiting a candidate’s family’s personal struggle with heroin, falsely attacking a gubernatorial candidate for pushing a woman, and now, rounding up sore losers to punish democracy. Some supporters of trailing Republican gubernatorial candidate Walker Stapleton don’t want you to tip if Democrat Jared Polis wins the […]Read More

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