• March 4, 2021

Tags : cannabis

Federal Agency Asks Public to Send Studies On Marijuana And Alzheimer’s Disease

Following successful studies indicating that cannabis can take a bite out of the opioid epidemic, now the federal government wants the public’s help tracking down studies on the diagnosis and treatment of Alzheimer’s disease.  Officials are specifically interested in how medical marijuana can treat cognitive conditions.  While cannabis is not a Food and Drug Administration-approved treatment […]Read More

Republican Cory Gardner Calls for Marijuana Reform In Fiery Senate Floor Speech

An impassioned Republican U.S. Sen. Cory Gardner championed marijuana legalization on Tuesday, despite the Senate blocking his effort to attach far-reaching marijuana reforms to bipartisan criminal justice legislation.  Cory Gardner, a Coloradan who is also chairman of the National Republican Senatorial Committee, or NRSC, sought unanimous consent of the body to amend the prison and sentencing reform […]Read More

Cannabis Opponents Falsely State that Teens Are Consuming More of It

Teens are consuming less marijuana since legalization, despite false claims by opponents who spread Fake News to the contrary.  The latest example comes in a Fox News piece during a panel discussion between Colorado State Rep. Jonathan Singer, D-Longmont, and opioid epidemic enabler Luke Niforatos, of Smart Approaches to Marijuana. Niforatos falsely claimed that more teens […]Read More

Older Americans Flocking to Marijuana in Part to Substitute Opioids

As the New York Times reports, older Americans are flocking to medical marijuana. One of the reasons for this is that older Americans are looking for alternatives to dangerous opioids. Dr. Joshua Briscoe, a psychiatrist at Duke also trained in palliative care, states in the article, “We’re always searching for a better medication that can […]Read More

Colorado prepares for a year of change in marijuana industry

The Denver Post recently reported on big changes in store for the marijuana industry in Colorado. A new Democratic-controlled legislature and a governor that has been more supportive of cannabis reform opens new possibilities. Gov.-elect Jared Polis, a Democrat, has vowed to sign into law many of the cannabis bills that saw misguided vetoes by […]Read More

Terrapin Pennsylvania Cuts Ribbon on Medical Marijuana Facility

State and local officials, along with business leaders, joined the Terrapin Pennsylvania leadership team to thank the national cannabis company for hiring veterans and women, and boosting a down Clinton County economy. The recognition from community leaders highlights the positive impact legal marijuana is having in Pennsylvania, not only for patients suffering from conditions that […]Read More

Terrapin Care Station Opens Recreational Marijuana Store in South Boulder

Boulder, Colo.-based national cannabis company Terrapin Care Station will now serve recreational customers and medical patients at its newly-renovated marijuana retail store at 5370 Manhattan Circle in South Boulder. The company revealed its plans to serve adult-use consumers on the heels of an announcement from Longmont city officials last week that Terrapin Care Station was awarded one […]Read More

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