Poll: More Ohio Republicans Support Marijuana than Democrats (the fine print matters though)

Poll: More Ohio Republicans Support Marijuana than Democrats (the fine print matters though)

There were some surprises in the results of Ohio’s latest legislative opinion poll. Democrats and Republicans seem undecided on marijuana legalization for adults. But when it comes to allowing Ohioans to grow their own weed, they are definitely on opposite sides.

When asked if they support legalization, more Republicans than Democrats said yes, by a margin of 43% to 36%. But the same percentage of Republicans said they were against legalization, while only 14% of Democrats said they were, and many Democrats indicated they were undecided about how to move forward.

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When it comes to allowing people to grow their own product, there is an even larger split. A majority of Democrats — 71% — want to allow adults to grow for personal use, while only 21% of Republicans indicated support for that. The same number of Democratic legislators would support adults growing for commercial use, but 86% of Republicans were against that.

“For Democrats, being largely undecided about legalization doesn’t mean they want to prohibit growing it,” said Paul Werth Associates public relations in a Facebook post. “And while Republicans are evenly split between ‘yes’ and ‘no’ on legalization, they’re solidly against allowing Ohioans to grow.”

Democrats and Republicans disagreed on whether marijuana is addictive. When asked whether it would lead to addiction problems, 74% percent of GOP members said yes, while only 21% of Democrats agreed.

There has been plenty of action in the last year in Ohio, a state where marijuana is still federally illegal and where you can be arrested for possession. 

Ohio voters in several cities made marijuana enforcement the lowest priority in elections earlier this month. Two Ohio lawmakers, Republicans Jamie Callender and Ron Ferguson, have produced a bill that would allow adults 21 and older to purchase and possess marijuana and would provide regulations for the licensing of cannabis growers, distributors and retailers.

That followed a Democratic effort to legalize for adults filed by Reps. Casey Weinstein and Terrence Upchurch in July. And activists have begun gathering signatures for a ballot petition next year that would end the prohibition of marijuana in the state.

This piece was originally published by Marijuana Moment and has been edited or modified by The News Station.

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