• February 27, 2021

Marijuana Batting .400 For Impeachments

 Marijuana Batting .400 For Impeachments

By Matt Laslo

It’s not the dope; it’s the dopes. 

There’s only about one similarity between Bill Clinton’s impeachment and Donald Trump’s second: Marijuana; or “inhaling,” to be more precise. 

That’s right. A solid 40 percent of the nation’s impeachments — two of the five, to be exactly exact — have now included inhaling marijuana. 

It was disgraceful — even ‘sacrilegious,’ at least to any real patriot — for thugs draped in Red, White, and Trump to storm and desecrate the Capitol. But it was just straight trashy for them to smoke weed in the Holy of Holies: The People’s House. 

That unholy toking was verified by the House Judiciary Committee this week, making it historic — not just for the double impeachment of an insurrectionist-in-chief — but because it means marijuana has now played a role in yet another of our nation’s few impeachments.


Sometimes there’s no discernible point to history. Still, history is always history — and they say we better learn it, or we’ll keep repeating it, like dopes. 



A floor speech from the Clinton impeachment in the House.

Matt Laslo

Based in Washington, Matt Laslo is a veteran political and music reporter. Since 2006, he’s been a contributor with VICE News, VICE News Tonight HBO, The Daily Beast, Rolling Stone, Playboy, Billboard, The Atlantic, NPR, etc. He’s taught journalism at Boston University (MA) and The University of Maryland (BA). And he teaches political communications at The Johns Hopkins University MA in Government and Public Policy program. He can be found on most all social media platforms as @MattLaslo.

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