• December 5, 2020
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Doctors Demand Better Marijuana Research

The legalization of marijuana in one form or another in more than half of the nation has left doctors scrambling to help their patients understand its medicinal benefits, along with

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Smoking CBD is Now ‘Hip’ and the Market’s Expanding

Smoking hemp and CBD is now all the rage, and the market is growing.

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Researchers Look to THC as Potential Coronavirus Treatment

Can THC alleviate the respiratory symptoms associated with coronavirus? Not yet – and possibly never – but a group of researchers in South Carolina see promise after three studies showed

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silicon valley companies political ads separating family and friends
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Don’t Let Twitter Kill Love: Big Tech Makes You

Big Tech’s cosmetic changes ahead of the 2020 election are mere smokescreens. These Silicon Valley firms remain supersized and divisive actors in contemporary political discourse (if we can even call

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