• December 5, 2020

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silicon valley companies political ads separating family and friends
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Don’t Let Twitter Kill Love: Big Tech Makes You Hate

Big Tech’s cosmetic changes ahead of the 2020 election are mere smokescreens. These Silicon Valley firms remain supersized and divisive actors in contemporary political discourse (if we can even call it ‘discourse’ anymore). These social media firms basically admitted the

Psilocybin to treat depression in cancer patients
Health & Wellness Lifestyle

New Study Launched on Psilocybin Therapy for Depression in Cancer

Cancer isn’t just physically hard to endure — it’s also emotionally and spiritually exhausting. That’s why many cancer patients report suffering deep depression, but researchers in Maryland think they may have found a potential cure: Psilocybin, which is the fancy

Young Americans Smoking marijuana at record rates
Health Health & Wellness

More Young Americans are using Marijuana, Study Shows

Marijuana use among young Americans has skyrocketed to a four decade high, according to a new study from the University of Michigan. And the finding has some researchers worried.  Marijuana consumption soared to 43 percent in 2019 among 19-22 year

Opioids dont kill pain sensitivity like marijuana does
Health & Wellness Lifestyle

Unlike Opioids, Marijuana Doesn’t Increase Pain Sensitivity

Regular marijuana  users just got good news: Unlike opioids, cannabis doesn’t increase pain sensitivity, according to a new study from the University of British Columbia.  The study offers a better glimpse into the largely unexplored effects of routine cannabis use

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