Escaping to a Dream

If only in my dreams, I’ll leave this place tonight

and I’ll be free once more, at least till mornings light.

It’s in those blissful hours, far from conscious mind

That I can go on living and leave this place behind

For in my waking hours the days are filled with pain

and feelings of betrayal, by those I’ve loved in vain

I’m living amongst the animals that society has cast aside

for rules that we may have broken or laws we did not abide

Cause though I may be guilty of crimes I am accused,

I just can’t help but feeling, somehow I’ve been abused

When days fade into one another, and each one’s like the day before 

you lose all sense of time, but it’s “time” that you must endure

The nights can be so lonely and times you wanna cry 

cause you just can’t help but wonder, who cares if you live or die.

The bars cast an eerie shadow on the walls of my cold gray cell

and through there are ways of escaping, I’m stuck in a living hell

I know that I’ve broken the law, those laws that were made by men

But it’s the law of God that we’re all gonna face in the end

So when sweet slumber comes and carries me away

It’s then I’m truly free, far from the maddening day

Al Hollingsworth


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