Empty Into Universe 

Wring me out, last drops
Empty into universe’s like you
but tell me, honest, is it true
that strangers, lovers, sisters, brothers
everything besides myself
is making me exactly who…
I’ll be stuck in bitter pools with
Surely I won’t give a fuck
If I can hear them call me aging fool
It’s got a ring, like something that you dream about
and wait ’til it comes true…
So let me down, cut the line
Don’t even check from time to time
I’m gone to find a way to the other side
where people tell the truth 
about the corners of the room that have been
kept hidden from our eyes…
I want to love but not expect 
anything around my neck
I’ve got more when I strip down to my skin
Now every end is just another step to show
that letting go is a path
begin again…
I’ll go and live one hundred years
Learning strangers, making love
and trying not to want more than I get
but when I fly away from this world
tell me, will there be someone to
think about me now and then…

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