• January 23, 2021

Cannabis Supporting Community through COVID

 Cannabis Supporting Community through COVID

By: Katriñe Arnedo, Strategic Partnerships Coordinator for Community Food Share

Rick is a caregiver for his mom, who has early onset dementia. Since December, Rick has been unable to work and, for the first time in life, needed to ask for food assistance this March. “It has really helped through this rough period of time, especially now when we are required to stay home, because catching this virus would likely require hospitalization,” he said. 

“Without this help, it would cause even more stress and food insecurity. I really appreciate everything Community Food Share does.”

In a time of crisis, no family should worry about putting food on the table. At Terrapin, we are committed to fighting food insecurity so that families like Rick’s always have somewhere to turn when unexpected hardships happen. We are proud to partner with Community Food Share, the food bank that serves Boulder and Broomfield Counties, to ensure that food continues to be accessible to those in need. 

In March, Community Food Share distributed a record-breaking 1.1 million pounds of food – a 48% increase compared to March 2019. These record-breaking numbers are evidence that more and more community members, like Rick, are needing help for the first time. 

In order to keep up with the increase in demand, Community Food Share purchased 3.5 times more food than they buy in a typical month. In times like these, we must come together to support the organizations that keep our neighbors fed during this unprecedented time.

Terrapin has contributed $5,000 to Community Food Share’s COVID-19 Rapid Response Fund and we ask you to join us in supporting our community. We know that the impact of the pandemic will last much longer than the virus itself and, as a business, understand that making an investment in Community Food Share, means making an investment in the long term health and resiliency of our community.  

For every $1 donated, Community Food Share is able to provide $5 worth of groceries. The best way for you to help keep our community fed is by donating to Community Food Share’s  COVID-19 Rapid Response Fund.


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