Biden Signs Transportation Bill, which Establishes National Clearinghouse for Marijuana Testing

Biden Signs Transportation Bill, which Establishes National Clearinghouse for Marijuana Testing

WASHINGTON – President Joe Biden logged a much-needed legislative win today when he signed his party’s expansive $1 trillion infrastructure bill. But the measure is more than roads, broadband and bridges; pro-pot lawmakers were able to include marijuana measures in the deal this anti-pot president just signed.

One bipartisan cannabis provision is aimed at improving impaired-driving tests for marijuana. The main cannabis provision is aimed at improving the quality of marijuana the federal government currently allows scientists to study.  

Because federal prohibition is still technically the law of these lands, there’s only one federal contract doled out for growing marijuana. It always goes to the University of Mississippi. So with the swipe of Biden’s pen today, the university’s cannabis growers were given new orders: Grow better weed.  

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That’s where the cannabis-impaired-driving provision comes into play: How can inventors develop a national impaired-driving standard if they aren’t given the right substance to study? They can’t – but now they’ll soon be able to.

“Colorado led the way on marijuana legalization,” Sen. John Hickenlooper (D-CO) said in a news release after his measure passed out of committee this summer. “The federal government needs to catch up by lifting outdated restrictions on the scientific study of cannabis so we can prevent driving while high.”

Hickenlooper was with Biden and a bipartisan group of lawmakers for the historic bill-signing at the White House today. While his marijuana measure made it into the bill, his statement focused only on the piles of cash his state will soon be receiving from the infrastructure package.

“This is American democracy at its best. We’ve just passed the biggest climate bill in U.S. history and the biggest infrastructure investment since the New Deal,” Hickenlooper said in the release. “While there’s more to come, today America showed we can work together.”

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