• November 28, 2020

Marijuana Company Autumn Brands Pledges Proceeds for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

 Marijuana Company Autumn Brands Pledges Proceeds for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

“Breast Cancer Awareness” by garlandcannon

Cannabis cultivation operation Autumn Brands is inviting its customers to join the fight against breast cancer this October. In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, the company has pledged to donate 50 cents from every purchase marked with pink to the Breast Cancer Resource Center of Santa Barbara (or BCRC), according to a press release.

Autumn Shelton, CFO and one of the company’s co-founders, said Autumn Brands has wanted to participate in Breast Cancer Awareness Month for years, but they always seemed to run into issues and were too late to get involved. But over the summer, the company got in touch with BCRC and jumped at the opportunity to help out.

“Breast cancer is something that one in eight women are affected by. It’s something that’s really important for everyone to get involved with, not just once a year either,” Shelton said. “We have a number of close friends that have either gone through it… it’s just very important to be a part of this and to give back to this organization so that we can help to continue the fight.”

Autumn Brands is 50 percent female-owned and operated by two families. The company is pesticide-free and heavily focuses on sustainability, reusing, and recycling water and organic waste. 

Located in Santa Barbara County, Autumn Brands wanted to donate to BCRC specifically because it’s a local center. Shelton says that by donating proceeds there, Autumn Brands can “directly help people within [the] community.” 

According to the press release, throughout October, the company’s glass jar strains will be marked with a pink tamper seal, and proceeds from those sales will be given to BCRC at the end of the month. 

Autumn Brands doesn’t have concrete plans for other donation initiatives in the future, but Shelton says the company is excited to not only provide products that help breast cancer victims cope with their disease but to also spread awareness about the issue.

“We get endless emails from customers that say our product is the only thing that helps them get through not only breast cancer but other types of cancer,” Shelton said. “Being able … to get out the word to also help those affected by breast cancer and then financially be able to help an organization, especially locally, is very important to us.”

Gabrielle Lewis

Gabrielle Lewis

Gabrielle Lewis is a journalist at the University of Maryland College Park. She has written and edited for the school's flagship newspaper, The Diamondback, as well as other campus publications. You can find her on Twitter @gabrielleslewis.

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