• January 28, 2021


Cannabis Supporting Community through COVID

By: Katriñe Arnedo, Strategic Partnerships Coordinator for Community Food Share Rick is a caregiver for his mom, who has early onset dementia. Since December, Rick has been unable to work and, for the first time in life, needed to ask for food assistance this March. “It has really helped through this rough period of time, […]Read More

Marijuana Legalization — From Grassroots to Essential

In a time of worldwide uncertainty such as the COVID-19 pandemic, relaxation and relief can be difficult to come by. Many people have fallen ill, lost considerable income, or are concerned about the future. For cannabis consumers, the urge to achieve a sense of internal balance precedes the rolling of a joint, puffing of a […]Read More

Forgiveness and Transformation

By Emily Kleeman, Executive Director of The Reentry Initiative Through The Gates, A Warm Welcome The waiting area in prison is bustling with DOC Officers checking in for their shifts.  They lay out their belongings one by one, silver handcuffs, keys, a badge and a lunch box.  It’s only 7:30 am and you can feel […]Read More

Restorative Justice and Legal Cannabis: It’s Common Sense

By: Kathleen McGoey, Executive Director of Longmont Community Justice Partnership When I talk to someone new to the concept of restorative justice, the most common responses I hear are: “That sounds like common sense. Why aren’t we doing more of that? This country needs more restorative justice!” The data tells us that beyond the appeal […]Read More

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