• March 6, 2021

Sophie Peel

Sophie was born and raised in Portland, Oregon. She attended college in the South and worked for NPR in Georgia as a Couric Radio Fellow before moving back to Oregon and working for Willamette Week. She currently freelances and fills her free time with frequent existential crises.

Oregon Officially First State to Decriminalize All Drugs

PORTLAND, Ore. — As of today, and from here on out, no one caught on Oregon streets possessing small amounts of hard drugs will go to jail.  That’s because after years of watching the opioid epidemic rip through the region, in November voters stepped in and overwhelmingly passed a ballot measure making Oregon the first […]Read More

It’s Not just Marijuana: The New Push to Decriminalize all Drugs

PORTLAND, ORE. – When marijuana started getting legalized in piecemeal fashion across various states half a decade ago, opponents painted it as a slippery slope: Legalize marijuana, and then what, a society devolving into hard drug use, lawlessness, and vagrancy? On the surface, those predictions look to be coming to fruition this November when Oregon […]Read More

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