• April 14, 2021

Ra-Jah Kelly

Ra-Jah was born and raised in Washington, DC. He has been a contributing writer with The Washington Informer, The Washington Times, NBC Washington, Check the Weather, and The News Station.

Music Venues All In On Coronavirus Vaccination Effort

The owners of live music industry and performing arts venues, along with many groups tied to live entertainment, are offering their mostly empty arts spaces and services in support of the nation’s vaccination full court press that’s aimed at insulating as many Americans as possible from coronavirus. This week they sent a letter to President […]Read More

Progressives Warily Eye President-elect Joe Biden

When President-elect Joe Biden first announced his candidacy in 2019, he laid out his core values. Top of the list was opposing outgoing-President Trump’s rhetoric that embraced the neo-Nazis who stormed Charlottesville, Virginia in 2017 even before similar fringe elements of Trump’s base stormed the Capitol this month.  As the Democratic primary rolled on, Biden […]Read More

Top Prosecutors Dismiss CDC Study on Youth Marijuana Use

The nation’s top prosecutors don’t seem to be listening to the governments own scientists when it comes to marijuana. A study from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) that many missed this fall found from 2008-2017 treatment for cannabis use disorder (CUD) in the United States declined for adolescents — most significantly in states […]Read More

Wanna Smell Like Weed While Sober? Dr. Bronner’s Has You Covered

Have you ever wanted to smell like marijuana without the hassle of getting and being high? If so, Dr. Bronner’s has you covered (pun absolutely intended). Soap mavens Dr. Bronner’s, in collaboration with the non-profit Sun+Earth Certified, released a limited-edition cannabis scented soap in time for the holidays.  The limited-edition soap was released to support […]Read More

Washington, D.C. Remains the Nation’s PCP Capital

WASHINGTON, D.C. — In the grainy cell phone video, the scene is tense. Surrounded by onlookers, a Washington Metropolitan Police Department officer points his unholstered gun at Renita Nettles who nevertheless continues to advance with blurry, if potentially deadly, objects in both hands.  “Tase her!” one of the many onlookers yells.  Firefighters carrying a heavy […]Read More

The US Senate Just Said No to Crank

Politicians likely fill you with anxiety these days. But rest assured, the gridlock only extends so far. This week in the US Senate both parties teamed up to just say no to crank (aka, methamphetamine).  The opioid crisis — which has garnered more attention since its deadly grip extended to suburbs, country clubs, and the […]Read More

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