• November 27, 2020
Ra-Jah Kelly

Ra-Jah Kelly

Ra-Jah was born and raised in Washington, DC. He has been a contributing writer with The Washington Informer, The Washington Times, NBC Washington, Check the Weather, and The News Station.

Washington, D.C. Remains the Nation’s PCP Capital

WASHINGTON, D.C. — In the grainy cell phone video, the scene is tense. Surrounded by onlookers, a Washington Metropolitan Police Department officer points his unholstered gun at Renita Nettles who nevertheless continues to advance with blurry, if potentially deadly, objects in both hands.  “Tase her!” one of the many onlookers yells.  Firefighters carrying a heavy […]Read More

The US Senate Just Said No to Crank

Politicians likely fill you with anxiety these days. But rest assured, the gridlock only extends so far. This week in the US Senate both parties teamed up to just say no to crank (aka, methamphetamine).  The opioid crisis — which has garnered more attention since its deadly grip extended to suburbs, country clubs, and the […]Read More

Injustice on NY and CA Ballots: Ending Cash Bail

Sandra Bland, Khalief Browder, and Janice Dotson-Stephens aren’t just names chanted at Black Lives Matter protests. They all became martyrs after being forced into a deadly confrontation with the nation’s criminal justice system. Like too many, they fell victim to the injustices of a widely used cash bail system that turns poverty or an individual’s […]Read More

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