• March 6, 2021

Michael J. Moore


Michael J. Moore is from Washington State. His books include Highway Twenty, which appeared on the Preliminary Ballot for the Bram Stoker Award, the bestselling post-apocalyptic novel, After the Change, which is used as curriculum at the University of Washington and the psychological thriller, Secret Harbor. His work has received awards, has appeared on television, in various anthologies, journals, newspapers (including HuffPost) and magazines, and has been adapted for theater. Follow him at twitter.com/MichaelJMoore20

Notorious Gang Leader Accuses John Durham of Botching His Case

MONROE CORRECTIONAL COMPLEX, Wash. — Jorge Rivera was likened to John Gotti in a documentary on the History Channel’s “Gangland.” In 1994, Jorge — then president of the notorious street-gang Los Solidos, which operates out of Hartford, Conn. — was interviewed on CBS by newsman Dan Rather. Later that year, he was arrested and charged […]Read More

Coronavirus Spreading Like Wildfire in Wash. State Prison

MONROE CORRECTIONAL COMPLEX, Wash. — At least 205 prisoners — more than a quarter of the population — in the Washington State Reformatory (WSR) within the Monroe Correctional Complex have been infected with coronavirus in the past two weeks alone.  Our gymnasium is being converted into a medical wing to house the overflow of those […]Read More

Covid Prisons: Another Likely Outbreak in Wash. State

MONROE CORRECTIONAL COMPLEX, Wash. — Last night — on New Years Eve — in a matter of hours at least 70 new COVID cases seem to have popped up in my cramped, temporary home here in the Monroe Correctional Complex. But prison officials aren’t being straight with us, so we’re trying to work it out […]Read More

COVID-Prisons: “Not All Human Life is Equal”

MONROE CORRECTIONAL COMPLEX, Wash. — Recently, Christopher Blackwell, one of my incarcerated neighbors in the Washington State Reformatory, and I wrote separate articles about whether or not prisoners will be prioritized for the coronavirus vaccine. This morning that question was answered: I woke up to a memo posted on a kiosk in my living unit, […]Read More

The Rock Legend Incarcerated in Washington State

MONROE CORRECTIONAL FACILITY, Wash. — Aaron Howerton tells me from the wooden floor of the gymnasium – where we sit leaning against a brick wall – that music has always been a part of his DNA.  “My mother used to put the speaker up to her stomach and play Beatles and Elvis and Bee Gees,” […]Read More

When are Prisoners Essential? Locked Up During Coronavirus

MONROE CORRECTIONAL COMPLEX, Wash. —  There’s been lots of coverage of how  coronavirus’ long, dark shadow has engulfed our country’s most marginalized communities, hitting minorities, seniors, and low income folks hardest. But there’s been little talk of prisons. Which is insane.  Prisons are homes to some of the most marginalized, neglected, forgotten, or, at least, […]Read More

The Golden Boy: Cop Turned Convict, Turned Advocate

MONROE CORRECTIONAL COMPLEX, Washington state — Brooks Laughlin lives in a six-by-nine-foot steel and concrete cage located within the confines of the Monroe Correctional Complex (MCC) in Washington state. He enjoys weightlifting, playing his guitar, and planning how to best join the fight for criminal justice reform once he’s finished serving his 96-month prison sentence. […]Read More

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