• November 27, 2020
Max Savage Levenson

Max Savage Levenson

Max Savage Levenson is a writer and podcast producer living in Missoula, MT. His work has appeared in outlets including Pitchfork, NPR Music, Leafly and the San Francisco Chronicle. He has released precisely one hip-hop album.

Nas and Kamala Harris in New Documentary on Marijuana

Midway through the new BET documentary “Smoke: Marijuana + Black America,” we’re introduced to Wanda James and her husband, Scott Durrah — both military veterans and established entrepreneurs — who faced astounding and absurd obstacles on their road to launching and running Denver’s Simply Pure, America’s first Black-owned marijuana dispensary (today, only 4 percent of […]Read More

Coronavirus Tainted 2020 Election Results on Marijuana

On Election Day, there was one clear winner in America: drug reform. But drug reform was also a clear loser of this insane 2020 election cycle. Sure, voters in Arizona, Montana, New Jersey, and South Dakota legalized recreational cannabis, even as South Dakota, additionally, and Mississippi legalized medical marijuana. But despite these triumphs for the […]Read More

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