• March 6, 2021

Matt Laslo

Based in Washington, Matt Laslo is a veteran political and music reporter. Since 2006, he’s been a contributor with VICE News, VICE News Tonight HBO, The Daily Beast, Rolling Stone, Playboy, Billboard, The Atlantic, NPR, etc. He’s taught journalism at Boston University (MA) and The University of Maryland (BA). And he teaches political communications at The Johns Hopkins University MA in Government and Public Policy program. He can be found on most all social media platforms as @MattLaslo.

Black Caucus isn’t Giving Up on Criminal Justice Reform

With ballots already flying – or skidding? – through the mail because of the coronavirus pandemic, Election 2020 is already underway. But as the hours until November’s actual Election Day keep winding down and after a summer of protests – along with some riots and lots of unrest – members of the Congressional Black Caucus […]Read More

New Legislation Would Allow CBD in Dietary Supplements

The hemp market is flourishing – which means everything from paper to rope is being produced domestically and locally. The economy is thriving because of this homegrown green plant. But I’m not talking about today’s burgeoning hemp marketplace: I was describing the marketplace in Virginia back in late 1600s.    “Hemp was the cash crop. […]Read More

House Democrats Want Marijuana Vote Despite GOP Criticism

All summer long GOP leaders have attacked Democrats over marijuana. Democratic leaders are responding this month by going all in on cannabis. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has scheduled a vote for the week of Sept. 21st that would not only decriminalize marijuana – it would also expunge criminal records and create a fund so tax […]Read More

Kennedy & Markey Spar over Cannabis ahead of Massachusetts Primary

If 2020 wasn’t odd enough, this week Massachusetts Democrats choose their U.S. Senate candidate between two historically anti-marijuana politicians who are now promising to be cannabis advocates amid the primary. A few weeks back, I approached a skinny, fresh-faced 39-year-old – with his signature dusty red hair waving in the wind – as he was […]Read More

Trump’s Opposition to Marijuana is Bad Politics

President Donald Trump is coaching Republican officials to avoid cannabis ahead of November’s elections, which is perplexing marijuana advocates – along with some Republican lawmakers – who recognize the issue is both popular and bipartisan.   While in Wisconsin on Monday, the president blamed former-Gov. Scott Walker’s 2018 loss on the myriad of cannabis legalization […]Read More

Many Dems (quietly) say Biden’s Out of Step on Weed

With two-thirds of Americans fully behind marijuana legalization, many Democrats are wondering why their party’s presidential nominee still isn’t. In the wake of the nationwide unrest over police brutality against black Americans and systemic racism, presumptive Democratic Presidential Nominee Joe Biden recently unveiled his “Plan For Black America” in which he calls to “decriminalize the […]Read More

Impeachment Inquiry into AG Barr Picks Up Steam

Impeachment is once again being discussed in the marble halls of the U.S. Capitol. Only this time it’s not in regard to President Donald Trump. This time the effort, which is still just in the early information gathering stage, is aimed at Attorney General William Barr for allegedly using the gravitas of the Department of […]Read More

Dem Leaders Kept Pot Out of Policing Reform, In Spite of Prison Injustices

As Congress debated historic policing reform over the past few weeks, Rep. Lou Correa (D-Calif.) says Democratic Party leaders “told” him to not offer a marijuana amendment, because it would be a distraction. That lecture from leaders of the Democratic Party came even as African Americans continue to be arrested, prosecuted and incarcerated at higher rates than their white counterparts.Read More

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