• April 14, 2021

Matt Laslo

Based in Washington, Matt Laslo is a veteran political and music reporter. Since 2006, he’s been a contributor with VICE News, VICE News Tonight HBO, The Daily Beast, Rolling Stone, Playboy, Billboard, The Atlantic, NPR, etc. He’s taught journalism at Boston University (MA) and The University of Maryland (BA). And he teaches political communications at The Johns Hopkins University MA in Government and Public Policy program. He can be found on most all social media platforms as @MattLaslo.

Loss of a Cannabis Titan: Marijuana Mourns Steve Fox

The Colorado cannabis community – and the nation through it – lost a titan in the battle to end the federal prohibition on marijuana with the untimely death of Steve Fox. After helping pass Amendment 64 – Colorado’s earth-moving recreational marijuana voter referendum in 2012 — Steve was a managing partner of cannabis policy and public […]Read More

Chair Sherrod Brown Draws Line in Sand on Marijuana, SAFE Banking

WASHINGTON, DC — The marijuana industry’s biggest ask of this newly minted trifecta of Democratic Party leaders in Washington is now imperiled by the gavel of one man: Ohio Sen. Sherrod Brown, who says without stout racial justice components — the ones opposed by Republicans — the SAFE Banking Act won’t leave his committee this […]Read More

No One Knows Where President Biden is on Marijuana

WASHINGTON, DC — There’s bipartisan agreement on at least one thing in Washington: No one knows where President Joe Biden stands on federal marijuana policy, let alone where he’s at on broader drug policy.  The silence from Biden’s cabinet secretaries, advisors and nominees isn’t because the issue hasn’t come up. “I honestly don’t know what […]Read More

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