• January 28, 2021

Matt Laslo

Based in Washington, Matt Laslo is a veteran political and music reporter. Since 2006, he’s been a contributor with VICE News, VICE News Tonight HBO, The Daily Beast, Rolling Stone, Playboy, Billboard, The Atlantic, NPR, etc. He’s taught journalism at Boston University (MA) and The University of Maryland (BA). And he teaches political communications at The Johns Hopkins University MA in Government and Public Policy program. He can be found on most all social media platforms as @MattLaslo.

Democrats Set Criminal Justice, Marijuana as Top Priorities

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Democrats are still getting used to this new Washington — one where they control the White House, House and Senate (even if barely). While the new majority party in town has a long priority list, many Democrats are promising criminal justice is near the top of their list and something they’re hoping […]Read More

Biden and Harris Made History – Now it’s Our Turn

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Just like that, there’s a new president in town. But even as the torch of our republic was peacefully passed, the weight of the moment wasn’t missed on anyone, especially not on now-President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris — the nation’s first female (and South Asian and Black) to ever […]Read More

Marijuana Batting .400 For Impeachments

It’s not the dope; it’s the dopes.  There’s only about one similarity between Bill Clinton’s impeachment and Donald Trump’s second: Marijuana; or “inhaling,” to be more precise.  That’s right. A solid 40 percent of the nation’s impeachments — two of the five, to be exactly exact — have now included inhaling marijuana.  It was disgraceful […]Read More

IMPEACHMENT II: In Republicans’ Own Words

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Today, there’s nothing to cheer about for any American — no matter your party, or lack thereof. The president of the United States was just impeached for the second time. This one was decidedly different than the first, which I know because I was there (even if I didn’t allow myself to […]Read More

VIDEO: What Trump and Fox Don’t Want You to See from Capitol Riot

WASHINGTON, D.C. — What could be worse than the riot at the Capitol last week? Sadly, the answer is easy: The next one. That’s partly why some Republicans are calling for Trump to resign, even as House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is barrelling ahead with another impeachment proceeding against President Donald Trump unless the cabinet removes […]Read More

Will Trump, GOP Electoral College Challenge Hamper Marijuana Reform?

The progressive ranks of the Democratic Party grew in November, and they’re itching to flex that new muscle within the Capitol — and down the street in soon-to-be President Joe Biden’s more moderate White House. But some of their top agenda items — like reversing mass incarceration, which includes legalizing marijuana — have been put […]Read More

Student Aid for Marijuana Users Makes Federal Spending Bill

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Marijuana advocates on Capitol Hill are ending the year on a mini-high note. They were able to keep in place most all protections for locally legal cannabis companies in a sweeping year-end spending bill, while also winning support from party leaders in both the House and Senate for a new provision that […]Read More

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