• March 6, 2021

Marijuana Moment

Grandmother Arrested For CBD Oil At Disney World Sues Company With Powerful Legal Team

A 70-year-old woman is suing the Walt Disney Company over her arrest at Disney’s Magic Kingdom in Florida last year for possession of CBD oil, her attorneys announced on Wednesday. Hester Burkhalter, a grandmother who suffers from arthritis, was arrested after an off-duty sheriff’s deputy discovered the oil in her purse at a security checkpoint. Her detention […]Read More

Women Who Use Marijuana More Often Have Better Sex, Study Says

Among women who enjoy marijuana, there’s no shortage of anecdotal evidence that adding a bit of cannabis can bring a thrill to the bedroom, and in states where the drug is legal, marketers have capitalized on that claim. THC-infused lubricants promise increased arousal and better orgasms, and some sexual health advocates have built entire careers […]Read More

Yelp Blocks Marijuana Businesses From Two Key Advertising Features

Yelp is no longer offering two key advertising features to marijuana-related businesses, the company confirmed to Marijuana Moment. Two cannabis businesses have shared an email from Yelp announcing the policy change. It states that the company had “unfortunate news” and that it will be removing both the “Business Highlights and Portfolio advertising options for cannabis-related […]Read More

Library Of Congress Highlights Racist News Coverage Used To Justify Criminalizing Marijuana A Century Ago

The Library of Congress (LOC) is documenting racist depictions of marijuana in early 20th century news coverage that helped to drive the criminalization of cannabis, highlighting sensationalized articles about the plant that the federal research body says effectively served as “anti-Mexican propaganda.” As part of the institution’s “Chronicling America” project, which digitizes media from throughout […]Read More

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