Lindsay Starr

More unsettling than gut-wrenching honesty is for Lindsay Starr to hold back. Since discovering songwriting as a teenager, the craft has kept the wise-beyond-her-years artist sane. Starr, an emotional creature, would virtually implode if she didn’t give her internal landscape voice.

Starr just released two cover songs on her 7” inch digital release with “Everybody Wants to Rule the World,” by 1980’s English pop rock artist Tears for Fears and “Wicked Game,” by legendary crooner Chris Isaak.

Being detached from the songwriting element allowed Starr to be even more imaginative in terms of the musicality.  On “Everybody Wants to Rule the World,” Starr, whose signature is writing from a personal worldview, enjoyed exploring bigger picture themes like the universal need for power and control. Conversely, Isaak’s seductive story about an illicit love affair was easy for Starr to empathize with in terms of tone. She felt like she could have written it herself. Making classic songs her own allowed Starr to further flex her singing abilities, and explore the mindset of artists vastly different from herself.

Starr’s intention as a songwriter has long been to make listeners feel less alone by speaking the truth through music and honoring legends on her new 7” digital release.

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