• November 25, 2020
Leland Rucker

Leland Rucker

Leland Rucker is a journalist who has been covering the cannabis industry culture since Amendment 64 legalized adult-use in Colorado, for Boulder Weekly, Sensi and now TheNewsStation.com. He covered the popular music industry for years, worked extensively in internet and cable news, and co-authored The Toy Book, a history of OK Boomer playthings. Sweet Lunacy, his documentary film co-written and produced with Don Chapman, is a history of the Boulder music scene from the 1950s through the 1980s. He is author and editor of Dimensional Cannabis, the first pop-up book of marijuana.

Study Suggests Marijuana Can Lower Your Alcohol Consumption

You may have missed this study last month, possibly because you were drinking a tad too much in the lead up to Election Day. But Canadian researchers actually think you may have lowered your alcohol intake if you had just smoked a little marijuana.   “Reductions in Alcohol Use Following Medical Cannabis Initiation” was published in […]Read More

Cannabis Caucus Chair Bullish On Agenda After Election

There’s still uncertainty hanging over Tuesday’s returns, but there’s one sure takeaway from the 2020 election: American voters like marijuana more than they like politicians. That’s according to Cannabis Caucus Co-Chair Rep. Earl Blumenauer (D-Ore.). Blumenauer says the stars are aligning for big changes in Washington after five states handily passed drug-reform initiatives Tuesday, including […]Read More

STUDY: More Seniors Trying Marijuana For Health Reasons

Evidence keeps pouring in showing more seniors than ever recorded are flocking to marijuana, mostly for medical reasons. The study comes from researchers at the University of California at San Diego who are reporting that 15 percent of the seniors they surveyed had used a cannabis product in the last three years. The researchers surveyed 568 […]Read More

Lawmakers Call on DEA to Reconsider Hemp Interim Rule

Congress is pushing back on a recent Drug Enforcement Agency interim rule on hemp. A bipartisan group of 9 House members and Oregon’s senators sent separate letters to the DEA this week explaining how they think its treats hemp like a controlled substance, even after Congress legalized it in the 2018 Farm Bill.  Sens. Ron […]Read More

Senate Republicans Move Amy Coney Barrett Closer to the Supreme Court

Over Democrat’s objections, which included boycotting a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing, Republicans moved Amy Coney Barrett one step closer to a lifetime appointment on the  Supreme Court.  On a 12-0 vote, the committee approved Coney Barrett, who will next face a vote from the full Senate. It marks another key milestone in Senate Majority Leader […]Read More

Research Shows CBD Increases Blood Flow to Memory Regions of Brain

New research out of Britain have found evidence that the chemical CBD increases blood flow to regions of the brain that deal with memory.  The authors of the study were encouraged by recent studies that indicated that CBD, or cannabidiol, may help reduce symptoms of psychosis and anxiety and improve memory function. They  wanted to […]Read More

CBD’s Future in Europe Rests on Upcoming Decisions

Major decisions by the European Commission and the World Health Organization loom over the European CBD market, but advocates remain bullish on its future. A newly published look at CBD use in Europe surveyed about 3,100 EU residents in over 17 countries. The study was designed to find out why people are using CBD, how […]Read More

Vermont (Finally) Legalizes Recreational Marijuana

Vermont is now the 11th state to legalize recreational marijuana sales. It’s also only the second state (after Illinois) to pass such an effort through a state legislature, rather than a ballot initiative. Even though Republican Gov. Phil Scott is refusing to sign the measure, it’s now slated to become law after passing both the […]Read More

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