• March 6, 2021

Kyle Jaeger

Associate editor at Marijuana Moment

Veterans Ask Congress for Access to Marijuana and Psychedelics

Leaders of military veterans organizations sent a clear message to congressional lawmakers this week: Federal marijuana and psychedelics laws are outdated and should be reformed to give service members alternative treatment options for conditions like Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) . During joint hearings before House and Senate Veterans Affairs Committees, three veterans service organizations (VSOs) […]Read More

Biden Won’t Let Past Marijuana Use Block People From Federal Jobs

Admitting to past marijuana use should not automatically disqualify people from being employed in the federal government, the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) said in a memo distributed to agencies on Thursday. Separately, the Biden administration is instituting a new policy of granting waivers to some White House staff who’ve used cannabis. While the extent […]Read More

Report: 2020 Saw Record Employment in Marijuana Industry

The marijuana industry added more than 77,000 jobs over the past year — a 32 percent increase that makes the sector the fastest in job creation compared to any other American industry, according to a new report from the cannabis company Leafly. In total, there are now approximately 321,000 full-time jobs in the marijuana sector […]Read More

Texas Bill Requires Psilocybin, MDMA Studies for PTSD and Depression

A Texas lawmaker introduced a bill this week that would require the state to study the therapeutic potential of psilocybin, MDMA and ketamine in the treatment of certain mental health conditions. The legislation from Rep. Alex Dominguez (D) would mandate that the Department of State Health Services conduct the study in collaboration with the Texas […]Read More

Idaho Senate Blocks Voters From Approving Marijuana Legalization

The Idaho Senate approved a resolution to amend the state Constitution to prevent marijuana or other drugs from being legalized. If the House follows suit, the action could create serious complications for activists seeking to put cannabis reform measures on Idaho’s 2022 ballot. The Idaho Senate State Affairs Committee approved the resolution along party lines last week, and […]Read More

Mass. City Decriminalizes Psychedelics, Urges More Reform

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. — Following a City Council vote this week, Cambridge has become the latest American city to decriminalize a wide range of psychedelics. And lawmakers used the opportunity to push for broader reforms that go beyond the entheogen-focused measures approved in other municipalities across the country and called on police to stop arresting people […]Read More

Psychedelics Reform Group Heads to Congress

The psychedelics reform movement has seen a wave of successes at the state and local level over the past couple years, but a newly formed group says now is the time for activists to head for Congress. The Plant Medicine Coalition (PMC) — founded by the head of the Washington, D.C. campaign that got psychedelics decriminalization […]Read More

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