• January 21, 2021

Gabrielle Lewis

Gabrielle Lewis is a journalist at the University of Maryland College Park. She has written and edited for the school's flagship newspaper, The Diamondback, as well as other campus publications. You can find her on Twitter @gabrielleslewis.

CBD’s Coming to Rescue Your Dry Skin This Winter

Say goodbye to dry skin this winter! CBD is coming to the rescue. CBD is already used for a variety of medical purposes, such as treating anxiety and depression, providing pain relief, and treating symptoms from cancer treatment. But this new study, published in Trends in Pharmacological Sciences, specifically looks at how CBD can treat […]Read More

Troubling Trend: “Trash Cans” Full of Drug Mixtures Circulating Maryland

COLLEGE PARK, Md. — Back on Aug. 19, the Maryland Department of Health reported several incidents where patients experienced hallucinations and exhibited erratic and combative behavior at Baltimore’s Union Memorial Hospital. Those patients had one thing in common: they all took a substance — well, substances actually — called “trash can.”   It’s been circulating around […]Read More

Forget Big Brother, Hopkins Wants to Track Your ‘Shroom’ Use

Studies have shown psilocybin has the potential to be a clinical treatment for depression and other behavioral health conditions, but researchers have struggled to understand how it works outside of a laboratory. That’s why Johns Hopkins University’s Center for Psychedelic and Consciousness Research launched a study this fall to study ‘shrooms’ in the real world, […]Read More

Study: Past Marijuana Use No Risk for Workplace Injuries

When it comes to safety issues, even past marijuana has been deemed a risk factor for employment — but a new study casts doubt on that trope.  Researchers from the University of Toronto’s Department of Occupational Medicine published a study recently digging into the relationship between people’s past usage of marijuana and workplace safety and […]Read More

Domestic Extremism a Growing Threat; Election May Worsen It

During the first presidential debate of 2020, President Donald Trump refused to denounce the Proud Boys, an alt-right white supremacy group he told to “stand back and stand by.” Just the next day, one of the group’s members was arrested during demonstrations in downtown Portland, Oregon. Alan Swinney, a self-described member of the Proud Boys, […]Read More

Is CBD A Safe Treatment for Dogs?

There seems to be good news for your puppies: Initial studies show promise for using CBD for pets.  CBD has entered plenty of markets — from medicine to wellness — but it’s still not clear if this same cannabinoid can be used to treat people’s pets. The American Veterinary Medical Association (or AVMA) sought to […]Read More

PA Judge Rules Fired Worker Can Sue After Failing Marijuana Drug Test

Earlier this month a judge for the District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania ruled a medical marijuana patient can take legal action against her former employer after she was fired for failing a job-related drug test.  Donna Hudnell, a former security analyst for Thomas Jefferson University Hospitals, Inc., registered with Pennsylvania’s medical cannabis […]Read More

Drug Traffickers Target American Seniors to be Drug Mules

Warn grandma and grandpa: Drug traffickers are targeting American senior citizens and turning them into drug trafficking mules. And two Democratic senators are demanding that Secretary of State Mike Pompeo spend less time politicking here at home and fight harder for the release of the American elderly wrongly convicted abroad. In March 2018, Victor Stemberger […]Read More

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