• November 25, 2020
Farid Nouri

Farid Nouri


Farid Nouri has been an active member of the Washington; DC nightlife, and hospitality industry during the past 30 years. Starting as a DJ back in the early 1990s, he ventured off into establishing multiple venues for the next two decades plus. Most notably of them, the Eighteenth Street Lounge lasted 25 years and set up the gold standard for nightlife in DC. Farid continues to pursue his passion for music by adding new gems to his collection, and casually working on original music production.

Nightlife is Dying, yet Trump and Congress Won’t Help

While the nightlife industry awaits its fate in a state of uncertainty; the entrepreneurs, artists, and workforce – from bouncers to bartenders – that fuel the night economy can’t help but wrestle with the thoughts of an existential threat to their careers and livelihoods. The inability of the federal government to provide continued stimulus for […]Read More

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