• March 6, 2021

Daniel Karny

Daniel Karny is a sophomore at the State University of Rutgers New Brunswick majoring in political science with a minor in law and history. In his spare time he enjoys strumming his six string and hiking around New Jersey.

MLK’s Dream is Still Living Through BLM

                                    Before President Gerald Ford officially designated Black History Month in 1976, it was only a weeklong celebration. The evolution of this event from one week to an entire month started from moving the conversation of Black influence in America to looking deeper into the untold and […]Read More

The War on Drugs Impacts You — Whether You Use or Not

If you think the ‘war on drugs’ doesn’t impact you, think again. It touches every aspect of society, because it diverts limited federal and state resources towards the nation’s sprawling and ever-expanding criminal justice system, which includes paying billions of dollars annually to keep our neighbors locked up.  A new interactive report, Uprooting the Drug […]Read More

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