• April 14, 2021

Daniel Newhauser

Daniel Newhauser is a freelance journalist based in Washington, D.C. His work has appeared in the Atlantic, Roll Call, VICE, National Journal, Politico and several other publications. He can be found on Twitter @DNewhauser

Artists to Congress: We’re People, Too

WASHINGTON — Musicians, visual artists and other creatives know a little something about passing around the donation cup, having all performed at least a gig or two funded by the dollar bills or even change in the pockets of the audience.   They’re probably less used to having to sing for their money in front of […]Read More

Lucky 13: Arizona Becomes Latest to Legalize Marijuana

Arizona just became the 13th state to legalize recreational marijuana, a shift from 2016 when the state swatted down an identical ballot initiative that sought to allow adults to possess, use, and grow marijuana. The state’s vote to allow adult-use recreational marijuana fits a larger trend out west, with every coastal state — California, Oregon, […]Read More

Get Your Bets in on 2020 Drug Measures (No Joke)

WASHINGTON — If you’re dead certain voters here in the nation’s capital are going to vote to decriminalize “magic mushrooms” on Election Day and you want that fast cash, now’s the time to lay down your bet.  Oddsmakers think it’s not happening. That means a bet that voters here pass Initiative 81 – the DC […]Read More

Marijuana is Popular, so why Aren’t Candidates Talking About It?

WASHINGTON — Marijuana legalization is more popular than both political parties and both presidential candidates, but even with legalization initiatives on the ballot in several states, many high profile candidates there have shied away from taking a stand on the issue this year. That comes despite belief from some marijuana advocates and researchers — and […]Read More

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