• October 28, 2020
Christopher James

Christopher James

Based in Portland, Oregon, Christopher can be found exploring the Pacific Northwest for the latest craft beers or wild mushrooms. He’s an experienced craft beer & cider judge who’s been homebrewing since the early 1990’s. His friends know him as The King of Paella and the host of PDXbottleshare. Follow along with his shenanigans on Twitter @Portland_Beer

Canned Cannabis Comes to Oregon, and it’s a Fun Ride

When many hear “Bend, Oregon,” they think epic skiing, insane snowboarding, and dank craft beers, but Bend is home of another trailblazer, Magic Number. The company claims to be Oregon’s first canned cannabis beverage company, which is what first peaked my interest.  Their canned cannabis soda drinks contain, “100% all natural ingredients and flash frozen, […]Read More

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