• November 25, 2020
Alex Thomas

Alex Thomas

Alex Thomas is a writer in Washington, DC. As a Washington Political Columnist for Playboy, among other reporting, he covered the Manafort trial, the 2020 campaign, multiple government shutdowns, the impeachment saga, and the Kavanaugh hearings for the iconic magazine. He has frequently discussed his writing on MSNBC. He previously wrote for Death + Taxes before the website was absorbed into SPIN. His poetry has appeared in several national literary journals.

Election Post-Mortem: 2020 Needed a Better Soundtrack

Among the few pieces of worthwhile campaign glam to come out of this year’s tortuous election is a poster from a Bernie Sanders rally in New Hampshire. It features a silhouette of Sanders against a starry background with his name spelled out in the iconic font used by The Strokes; a band and font so […]Read More

It’s (Basically) Official: Biden and Harris For the Win

WASHINGTON – If you were walking to the White House from the northwest side of the city on Saturday at noon, you might have passed the crowd of pretty people that are always at the sidewalk cafes like Le Diplomate — the center city’s swanky restaurant.  You would have noticed glasses of champagne on the […]Read More

On Marijuana, Trump’s Blowing Smoke

While Barack Obama admitted snorting cocaine, Donald Trump is the first president since George H.W. Bush who has not admitted to smoking marijuana; though in 2020, hardly anybody admits to smoking marijuana. Smoking pot no longer pangs guilt, because it’s now treated the same as buying Tylenol in the majority of states. Even Trump, a […]Read More

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