• December 1, 2020
Anna Muckenfuss

Anna Muckenfuss

Anna Muckenfuss has reported for the Appalachian Online and is currently the Producer of The Appalachian Weekly News for AppTV. She's currently a senior journalism major at Appalachian State University in Boone, NC.

Tom Cotton Warns Senators of New, Deadly Opioid “ISO”

The opioid crisis continues to rage – claiming more than 450,000 lives from overdoses in just the last two decades – and it’s only gotten worse during the coronavirus pandemic. But all that carnage stems from the opioids we know. Sen. Tom Cotton is raising concerns about a new, mostly unknown, and deadly substance just […]Read More

Federal Government Recommends Drug Testing Hair Samples

Lock your windows, shut your doors – and consider donning a winter cap: Uncle Sam may be coming for your hair soon. A new proposal by the US Department of Health and Human Services suggests that managers and HR departments across the federal government use hair samples to drug test their employees, and the private […]Read More

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