Women in Cannabis and CBD industry

6 Products Created By Women Changing the CBD Industry

Did you know a mere 27% of women hold executive and director positions in the cannabis and hemp industries? An even smaller percentage of them are founders. Over the past five years, there’s actually been a rather rapid decline in the number of female employees, and even the ladies in higher-up positions, according to industry surveys.  

Something needs to change here, I mean come on, this is 2021 afterall. What happened to so-called gender equality? 

Ironically, the majority of cannabis and CBD products are targeted towards women. Think about the newest hemp trend: CBD skincare products and arousal oils designed for clitoral application. Then bring advertisements and social media posts you’ve seen to the forefront of your mind and what do you remember? 

Sex used to sell cannabis / Photo via Instagram 

I’m going to guess it’s usually women in bathing suits, or risqué attire touting the latest cannabis product launch from a brand that is owned and operated by men. 

While none of this is fair, there are reputable cannabis and CBD businesses founded and operated by women. In light of Women’s History Month, more people are showing support for both small and well-known brands run by badass chicks. The problem is, supporting these businesses shouldn’t just happen every March. We should be helping these companies stay afloat all of the time. 

The News Station is here to introduce you to six female-founded CBD brands for you to support not just now, but always. In case you need some help narrowing down the items in your shopping cart, we took the initiative to share one of our favorite products from each business with you. Happy shopping, ladies (and any wise man who’s reading this)!

Jessica Assaf, co-founder of Prima 

Jessica Assaf, the co-founder of Prima who created the company alongside Laurel Angelica Myers, told us that “The therapeutic compounds in cannabis and hemp come from the female plant exclusively, so as this industry continues to develop I hope we remember the feminine power of both the plant and the industry we’re building. Though the percentage of female executives in cannabis has been steadily declining as more traditional businessmen enter the space, there is and will always be a level of female leadership and power that prevails.”

The Daily Softgel CBD 25mg provides a wide range of benefits that all people can take advantage of. Not only are these vegan, organic, cruelty-free but they’re also formulated by a doctor which only shows just how top-notch Prima’s CBD is.

Prima: The Daily Softgel CBD 25mg Softgel

Courtesy of Prima

With 30 per container—a one-month supply—their microencapsulated capsules are designed for a higher bioavailability since the coating protects the cannabinoids from degrading in the acidic stomach environment. The broad-spectrum hemp extract, 25mg per softgel, is enhanced by natural ingredients like clove bud and black pepper. All in all, this medicinal supplement is designed to ease stress and provide mental and physical balance. 


Martha Van Inwegen, founder of Life Elements

Martha Van Inwegen, founder of Life Elements explained that, “As a Latin female founder running a company with CBD products, it is no different than running a tech company. Sometimes you just have to put your bullshit boots on to shovel the mansplaining crap out of the way. We focus on transparency, honesty and quality products and believe those values will always be our guide, and it feels like there are more female-owned businesses with those same ethos to help keep us company.”

Life Elements: CBD Body Lotion

Courtesy of Life Elements  

This family-operated business crafts small batches of CBD Body Lotion using ancient plant-based ingredients and 400mg of broad-spectrum hemp extract. The two key ingredients, lavender and cannabidiol, promote relaxation, ease anxiety, and encourage a deeper connection with your inner-self. With a blend of  base ingredients butters and oils, this lotion hydrates and nourishes dry skin, while offering localized pain relief to the area of application. 


Meryl Montgomery and Valarie Sakota, co-founder of Barbari

Meryl Montgomery and Valarie Sakota, founders of Barbari, shared their opinions with us by stating, “Just because men predominantly lead the industry doesn’t mean they have more influence. Some of the biggest distributors and brands in the cannabis space today are women-led. The women we work with daily and companies we align ourselves with are primarily founded by women. We are formidable forces of brilliance, creativity, strength, power, and resilience.”

Barbari: Car Sex Spliffs 

Courtesy of Barbari

Barbari designs a variety of pre-rolls and herbal blends that can set the mood to your liking. Car Sex Spliffs come in a pack of five and a few hits will provide some playful, party vibes. Aside from 30mg of full-spectrum CBD, this brand blends a combination of herbs to enhance the effects. Car Sex is formulated with raspberry leaf, lions tail, white sage, and mullein, which work in conjunction with the hemp to exhilirate your senses, promote relaxation, and offer a smooth lift off. 


Tara Wells, founder of CBD Goddess

Founder of online dispensary marketplaces CBD Goddess and Ganja Goddess, Tara Wells, explained how “Being a woman in business, I’ve often found myself as the only female in the room. Even so, any barriers in my way have really given me an advantage, molding me to be wild and follow my gut. I’m thrilled that in the cannabis world, and specifically within our company, women have the opportunities to be promoted and supported to take the lead.”

CBD Goddess: Lord Jones High CBD Tincture 

Courtesy of CBD Goddess 

Lord Jones is renowned in the cannabis industry for bringing high-quality products to the forefront. Their High CBD Tincture – 250mg, which is now available in lemon or peppermint, is crafted with organically grown hemp, natural flavorings and omega-3 fatty acids. This full-spectrum CBD oil also contains a blend of the hemp plant’s original terpenes and phytonutrients because the extraction method they use keeps everything intact. 


Kayla Croft, co-founder of Goodekind

Goodekind: Organic Delta 8 Gummies 

Kayla Croft, co-founder of Goodekind, said “Working in a male-dominated industry isn’t new to me. I come from the film and TV industry, a department in which only 7% of its members identify as female. Sometimes the unequal treatment of females can be glaring, but I know there are many of us out there—of all genders—that work towards changing this.”

Courtesy of Goodekind 

Okay so, this may not be a CBD product per se but these Organic Delta 8 Gummies are legal throughout the states and crafted by a minority- and female-owned hemp company. Each gummy contains 20mg of Delta 8 THC, which has been said to provide medicinal benefits and half the amount of the euphoria that Delta 9 THC (the main cannabinoid in marijuana) produces. The 10 gummies every jar holds wills tantalize your taste buds with a range of flavors, including peach pie and blazed berry. For beginners, start with half and see how you feel after one to two hours before consuming the remainder. 


Shayna Taylor, founder of Bottle & Stone

Shayna Taylor, the founder of Bottle & Stone, said that “Running a business in an industry that is dominated by men is both informative and empowering. I’ve seen a lot of people enter the CBD space to make a quick dollar, but I’ve tried to differentiate myself by bringing a personal touch to my brand. I want to provide my customers with a product that focuses on their holistic well-being, which I’ve noticed is often overlooked in this industry. I am a huge proponent of women supporting women, especially in a male dominated field and I hope I can continue to pave the way for more women to enter this space.”

Bottle & Stone: Everyday Natural Hemp Face Oil

Courtesy of Bottle & Stone

Everyday Natural Hemp Face Oil is one of Bottle & Stone’s products from their upcoming skincare line which launches towards the end of the month. Facial oil is designed to be applied after or instead of face cream and it’s famous for sealing in moisture. With 100mg of full plant hemp extract, the skin-loving ingredients work in harmony with the present CBD to ease inflammation, signs of aging, stressed out skin, dryness, and so much more. The perfect combo of prickly pear, hemp, and cumin seed oils help brighten the appearance of the complexion and provide antioxidant protection. CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties can aid in reducing flare ups for people with acne-prone skin and the fatty acids within this formula provide everyday radiance.

Megan Lane is a columnist for The News Station. She writes about health and wellness, cannabis and entertainment, including musician and celebrity interviews. Her full bio is here.
Megan Lane is a columnist for The News Station. She writes about health and wellness, cannabis and entertainment, including musician and celebrity interviews. Her full bio is here.
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