A 4/20 Guide to Cannabis Products On The Market for the holiday

TNS 4/20 Guide: Best Cannabis Products On The Market

Every year, cannabis consumers celebrate the date April 20th (or 4/20), even as many also pause and spark marijuana at 4:20pm every day. Over the years, the number 4/20 has grown to play a large role in cannabis culture. Thousands of people gather in every state celebrating 4/20 a so-called drug that’s now locally legal for recreational purposes in 17 states and Washington, D.C. even as it remains illegal federally. Some people walk the streets in large groups taking hits off a spliff or blunt, while others light their marijuana up in the privacy of their own homes. 

Not all Americans can legally enjoy smoking herb on 4/20 — the official name for National Pot Smoking Day — but great strides have been made in the past few years. This is because voters had enough and forced their local elected officials to unwind the federal and failed prohibition on marijuana whether for medicinal or recreational use.

With 17 states now taking the lead and legalizing cannabis for recreational use by adults, we can only hope more and more states and the federal government re-examine the foundation of their laws continuing the prohibition on marijuana — laws founded on racist principles and subsequently used to disproportionately imprison our Black and Brown neighbors.

When smoking cannabis in a state that has deemed recreational use legal, you can purchase a wide array of THC products and cannabis flower in different strains and quantities at dispensaries. For people who aren’t fortunate enough to reside in recreational states yet, why not browse the internet for some CBD or epic Delta-8 THC products said to produce 50% of the euphoria as “normal” Delta-9 THC?

It’s very possible that 2020 may have been the shittiest year we ever experienced — the coronavirus, recurring police brutality, systemic racism and more — so don’t you think ya deserve to kick this 4/20 up a notch and indulge in the best products we have personally tried, on the market? From pre-rolls and edibles to concentrates and vapes, The News Station has got you covered. Happy 4/20! Don’t do anything we wouldn’t (*wink*).

High 90’s: Pre-Rolls

Courtesy of High 90’s 


One of our personal favorites is High 90’s Wax-Infused Cannabis Pre-Rolls. The gelato is out of this world — reminiscent of vanilla ice cream — but there are seven other flavors you can choose from, mostly fruity options. Each pre-roll comes packaged individually in a stylish glass tube and contains a whopping 1200mg of THC.

For people looking to get high as hell this 4/20, these spliffs are your new BFF because not only are the total milligrams way up there compared to other brands, but the wax — a concentrated form of THC that is essentially the most potent and raw — is infused with the cannabis flower. 

CANN: Cannabis-Infused Social Tonics

Courtesy of CANN

Who wouldn’t want to drink their daily dose of cannabis? Hell yeah! CANN’s Cannabis-Infused Social Tonic is a tasty drink that allows you to microdose — an increasingly popular method of consuming a low dosage so you’re still functionable while experiencing the mild buzz and medicinal benefits.

This tonic contains 2mg of THC and 4mg of CBD per can, and is available in flavors like lemon lavender and grapefruit rosemary. The packaging is on point, the flavor is even better. But if you’re seeking a more intense high, keep scrolling. 

Kiva: Love Sauce 

Courtesy of Kiva 


Kiva is a renowned edible brand that almost every canna-lover has heard of and used. The company recently launched a limited-edition product, Love Sauce, which contains a total of 10mg of THC — the cannabinoid in marijuana that causes euphoric intoxication.

Each jar holds a decent amount of whipped and decadent dark chocolate (bonus: tastes like hot cocoa) and is designed for intimate moments. Want to paint your lover’s body before licking the chocolate sauce off? Would you rather eat a few bites by the spoonful? Get creative, the options are endless. 

Stone Roads: Pre-Rolls

Courtesy of Stone Roads 

Every pack of Stone Road Pre-Rolls closely resembles a pack of cigarettes, minus the nicotine. With five joints holding .7 grams of cannabis flower in each, you can skip the tedious process of rolling and buy them ready to smoke.

We personally were able to make one pre-roll last for a total of three to four smoking seshes. So go ahead and light one of these bad boys up at 4:20pm while exhaling your anxiety and inhaling a sense of calm. 

High On Love: Sensual Stimulating Oil and Lip Balm

Courtesy of High On Love

High On Love’s erotic duo pairs well together since both cannabis-infused products are formulated for sexual encounters. The Sensual Stimulating Oil is designed for clitoral application or as a light lubricant.

When applied to the clit, the active 300mg of THC and trace amounts of CBD increase blood flow to the area, which heightens arousal and intensity of orgasms. If used as a lube, the THC can activate the receptors of the endocannabinoid system in the vagina, causing a mild high and heightened sensations. 

Their Sensual Lip Balm — made with 100mg of THC — is made for more than chapped lips. Males and females can put some lip balm on before engaging in oral sex. The cannabinoids — the more than 100 chemical compounds found in the cannabis plant, like THC — from the balm will leave residue on your lips that increases sensation to the erogenous zones, leading to an overall more pleasurable experience. 

Trova: Trova GO

Courtesy of Trova


This is not made with cannabis, but you’ll want one of these to store your pot and paraphernalia, especially if you have children. This is actually one of our faves because it’s easy to use and an ideal storage option. The Trova GO box conceals odor and is impossible to break into. Yes, we tried.

There is only one way to flick the lock open and reveal your goodies: an app that connects to your box using Bluetooth. You can use your cell phone’s facial recognition, fingerprint or a four-digit code within the app in order to unlock your Trova GO. Take out some bud, roll a joint and relax.  

Moxie: Live Resin Concentrate 

Courtesy of Moxie 

Live resin is a concentrate similar to wax, but it’s a bit more potent. Moxie’s variety of strain specific Live Resin Concentrates come in one gram containers. (Side note: the smell is heavenly.) Out of all the products in our guide, this is probably the one that will get you the most stoned. I mean, it is 420 after all, our favorite out of all the holidaze

But how does one use live resin? There are quite a few ways you can dab, which is a term used to describe using CBD or THC concentrates. Some examples are: using a vape pen designed for any form of cannabis concentrate, taking hits off a bong specifically made for dabbing or even putting a 1mm ball of live resin onto tin foil while heating it with a lighter beneath, and then inhaling the smoke through a straw. 

Puffco: Vision Plus

Courtesy of puffco

Puffco Vision Plus makes dabbing — vaping concentrates in this case — a hell of a lot more simple. In order to set this up for dabs, unscrew the top of the device, use the dabbing tool inside to scoop out a tiny amount (1 to 2mm) of live resin, wax or shatter, and then close the cap before taking a hit.

Vision Plus comes packed with three heating modes, a loading tool, splash guard and a carb cap. You can opt rainbow (our ultimate fave) or grey, the available color options. Everything you need to dab on 4/20 is included in this one sleek and discreet high-end, easy-to-clean vaporizer.  

Mazel Tov Farms: Live Resin Vape Cartridge 

Courtesy of Mazel Tov Farms


For anyone interested in dabbing live resin, Mazel Tov Farms Live Concentrate Vape Cartridge removes the heavy lifting. Really, all you have to do is inhale and exhale. Dabbing doesn’t get much easier than that. The only piece that is missing is the battery, but the cartridge works with any standard 510 threaded battery (and they usually send ya one, anyway.) 

This potent vape contains upwards of 400mg of THC. Once you take the cart out of the package, it’s already preloaded with live resin. While it’s not refillable, the potency should result in a longer lasting THC cart, compared to others. We took two hits and experienced a similar high as one would from smoking an entire blunt solo. 

Sensi: Cannabis-Infused Chocolate Caramel

Courtesy of Sensi

There is no way we would forget to include an edible, especially one of the best. Sensi formulates gummies and various THC products, but our personal pick is the Cannabis-Infused Chocolate Caramel. With 100mg of THC per package, you can choose how you want to dose.

They’re split into 10 pieces — 10mg each — but depending on your tolerance, metabolism and other factors, some people eat two or three. These scrumptious cannabis goodies are available in indica, sativa, hybrid, energy and insomnia, giving you the option to decide which one(s) best meets your needs. 

Happy Holidaze!

Megan Lane is a columnist for The News Station. She writes about health and wellness, cannabis and entertainment, including musician and celebrity interviews. Her full bio is here.
Megan Lane is a columnist for The News Station. She writes about health and wellness, cannabis and entertainment, including musician and celebrity interviews. Her full bio is here.
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